Breaking Into Your Own Home

how to unlock homeIt might sound silly but there may be days when you actually find yourself wanting to know the latest and most effective house break-in methods. Of course, you are not breaking in as a burglar but as a resident who probably got locked out of their own home.

Usually, homeowners carry around spare keys in case of an emergency. But what happens if you left the spare key in your room’s dresser? Or what if you simply do not have a spare key at all?

Actually, many homeowners find themselves in this unfortunate situation and because of this, there have been several methods of unlocking the home without the use of a key

Unlock Your Home Without Keys

locked out of house

Deal with Your Windows

Although the doors are locked, it’s possible that a window in your home was left ajar or unlocked. Before anything else, therefore, homeowners must check for windows that can be used to enter the home. If there are none, you can also try to open the window, best if it is the door window, using a screwdriver. Simply, insert the screwdriver into the lower part of the window pane and move it up and down or side to side in order to remove it and have access into the home.

Another method is by breaking the window or its glass, itself. If the window is quite expensive, you might opt to skip this method instead as it might only cost you much more than simply contacting a locksmith

Use a Card

Perhaps this is one of the the oldest and most famous tricks in the realm of unlocking doors. The best cards to use are those which are of little worth as we do not want to be damaging cards that are necessary for our daily expenses. Usually, laminated cards work well as they bend easier. Simply insert the card in between the door and the frame, push the card in and bend away from the knob. Try and try again if it fails to work in the first few times

Use Bobby Pins

Famously used in movies, lock-picking is usually made easy with the use of bobby pin. It can be used for different locks. Simply bend one end into a handle, create a lever through bending the whole bobby pin in a form of a right angle, insert the lever in the bottom half of the lock and then turn the lock into the direction you usually go for when using the key

Get Help from a Locksmith

If all these basic lock hacks fail, you will have to call for help from a locksmith. Contrary to the idea that locksmith services are expensive, there are actually locksmith service providers like Locksmith Sacramento that sends over someone in just 15 minutes for a really affordable price. Locksmith Sacramento is also one of the several companies that provide services 24/7 which is good if you find yourself locked out of your home at 3 in the morning. This may be the best option out there if you are not confident with the previously mentioned methods of unlocking the home.