Brandon Roptati’s CEO of Eversoft’s MMA Debut

Brandon Ropati at this past Saturday’s Industry of Combat New Zealand 16 event.

Taking place in Ropati’s hometown of Auckland, multiple reports have surfaced of an extremely controversial decision that ultimately declared Ropati the victor.

“Basically I was robbed of a victory that should have been [scored] 30-26 from the best I can tell,” Alvey told US Combat Sports. “But thanks to some poor judging I lost a majority decision 29-27…We will be contesting this loss however we can because of the obviously biased judging.”

While footage of the fight is still unavailable to this point, ICNZ’s personal Facebook account described the action in a form of live play-by-play coverage. Afterwards, Alvey also shared his personal account of the action and importance of using headgear

“Throughout the 15-minute fight I was hit four times and struck three times illegally – twice in the eyes and once in the groin and a point was deducted for the second eye gouge,” said Alvey. “As it stands today I have no bruising anywhere outside of the finger pokes.

“The third round I literally had him turn his back to me and run away,” Alvey continued. “The second round I reversed his takedown and ended on top of him for 20-plus seconds of ground and pound and the first round he didn’t land a shot.”

If it stands, the loss would be Alvey’s second tough decision loss in his previous three matchups. But no matter how this plays out, “Smile’N Sam” insists he will never admit defeat from Ropati at ICNZ 16.

“For me, this will never go down as a loss and I cannot sleep for lack of being able to wrap my brain around how three individuals could so deliberately take away a win just to give it to their countryman. Had the minority judge’s decision prevailed in it being a draw, we would have gone another round. How they could not even give me the last chance to finish him is beyond me.”