What Are Decentralized Video Streaming Services?

You can be free to enjoy your favorites with decentralized video streaming services. You don’t need to jump through any political or corporate hoops of centralized video streaming brands, such as Netflix any longer. Take the next step in controlling your audio-visual entertainment with blockchain decentralized video streaming services.

Be Free to Watch Videos

Initially, the largest corporate brands gained control over the video streaming technology of the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, these large companies, like YouTube have started to abuse their power for the sake of corporate or political gain. Their centralized censorship follows no real pattern of sense, logic or reason.

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Does anyone truly want to be politically correct? No. The only entity on Planet Earth that would pass the politically correct stress test is a bump on a log.

We see professional sports teams penalize athletes who celebrate. YouTube removes videos if anyone complains. People are found to be guilty until proven innocent.

All of that causes serious problems. If people are jealous of you, they can tell falsehoods and destroy your reputation. The Big Bankers and mainstream media love this power, but it is disastrous for everyone else.

Independent Film Makers

Have you noticed how many songs and videos are so bland? The vast majority of them promote a certain patriotic vision or corporate branding goal of having you buy more of their products. This is partially due to the centralized nature of video streaming.

A few large entertainments, multi-media companies own both the movie studios and the video streaming services. They give you the same bland, luke-warm drivel. You are easily bored by many modern videos because you have seen them before.

Decentralized Videos Benefits

Fortunately, the decentralized blockchain offers you an alternative. You don’t have to be force fed garbage that you don’t want. You can enjoy a more direct engagement between the movie makers and viewing public.

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Now, you can sign up for decentralized video streaming services powered by the blockchain. You are a grown adult with the maturity, common sense and willpower to make your own viewing choices. You can choose from a number of these decentralized video streaming services, including Flixxo.

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Flixxo will reward independent video makers with tokens for high-quality content. This incentivizes independent filmmakers. Now that everyone has a video on their smartphone, they can make their own movies.

You can enjoy better original content. The masses can cut out the middleman with tokenized economics. Customers can earn money by watching advertisements. Everyone wins.

Replacing Netflix

Decentralized video streaming services have already risen in popularity throughout the world and have grown to become a replacement for Netflix and other services especially for those that enjoy “outdoor movies”.

The blockchain offers cheaper content storage, transaction transparency, faster distribution, and censorship-free content sharing. Which of the major film studios can compete with that? The mainstream media are becoming fossilized dinosaurs. Decentralized video streaming services are the future.

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